About Us

'Chala Kokaan'

Konkan is well known for its natural beauty and is fast developing as a preferred tourist endpoint for travelers. Konkan's greenery, variety of plants & trees, stunning virgin beaches, waterfalls, mountains and lush green valleys will certainly provide a rich and pleasing experience for the tourist.

Tourism in Konkan is evolving very fast. Travelers from all over the world now desire to visit Konkan because of several reasons like close vicinity, Easy access & due to better travelling options etc. The economic housing and overall lower costs for visiting previously unfamiliar places is an added charm. 

But unfortunately Konkan is ignored since years and not developed as expected, for many reasons. Considering this harmful fact about Konkan & keeping in mind the great flow of tourists to Konkan from all over the world, we have planned to take the initiative for overall development of Konkan by boosting Tourism. For this, we are going to launch an innovative moblie application and a commercial website... 'Chala Kokaan'

This app & website will benefit to indian & foreign tourists & all the professionals from the food & travel industry.  It will carry all the information related to Konkan. Tourists can easily avail all types of information related to tourism & can select the best options for them on just a single click. 

All the business professionals from the industry will have a great income opportunity by providing the maximum best residing, food & travelling solutions to tourists.

''Chala Kokaan'' carries very simple tagline Reside, Eat & Travel… and will provide solutions on the same.

RESIDE : All the information about Residing… from traditional homes,  lodging, apartments  to normal or star hotels.

EAT :  Hotels & Restaurants providing breakfasts & Lunch. Home delivery of food. All the information about fruits, fruit process centers, juices, sea foods etc.

TRAVEL : All types of vehicles will be made available, water sports, Tour organizing, Safety measures etc. 
Thus, 'Chala Kokaan' is going to be a great business platform for thousands of hotels, Cottages, Restaurants and people serving tourism industry. We also wish to create employment opportunities in all these sectors. We wish to play our major role in an overall development of the konkan region. This is our social committment... 

We request all to support our innovative project 'Chala Kokaan'